Fill in the blank with the proper form of à or de plus a definite article.

Article défini

The French definite article indicates either a particular noun or, contrarily, the general sense of a noun.

Par exemple…

Je vois les pandas.I see the pandas.
Le livre est sur la table.The book is on the table.

Characteristics of definite articles

  1. Used with countable and uncountable nouns
  2. Placed directly before of a noun or an adjective + noun
  3. Agrees with the noun in number and sometimes gender
  4. Contract with certain prepositions

French definite articles

singularle, l’la, l’

+ There are three singular definite articles:

  1. Masculine: le
  2. Feminine: la
  3. Contracted (masc or fem in front of vowel or mute h): l’

+ There is only one plural definite article: les.

When preceded by the prepositions à and de, the definite articles le and les must contract with them:

àauauxà laà l’
dedudesde lade l’

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