Kiss in French (language lesson)




Greetings in French are the best way to start any conversation. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced French speaker, learning how to greet someone in French is an essential part of the French language.

Comment allez-vous?

This phrase is one of the most commonly used in French and is a great way to ask someone how they are doing. It literally translates to “How are you?”

Expressing Affection in French

Expressing affection in French can be a bit tricky, as the French language has its own set of rules for expressing emotions. It’s important to understand the different ways to express affection in French so you can show someone how you feel about them.

Je t’aime

This is the most common way to express love in French and is often used when speaking to a romantic partner or close friend. It literally translates to “I love you.”

Je t’adore

This phrase is similar to “Je t’aime” but is often used to express a deeper and more passionate love. It literally translates to “I adore you.”

Kissing in France

Kissing in France is a bit different than what you may be used to. In France, it’s common to greet someone with a kiss on the cheek, either once or twice, depending on the region. This is known as a “bisou” or “bise” in French.

French Phrases for Kissing

Je t’embrasse

This phrase is used to express affection and is often used when giving someone a kiss on the cheek. It literally translates to “I kiss you.”

Je t’embrasse fort

This phrase is similar to “Je t’embrasse” but expresses a more passionate kiss. It literally translates to “I kiss you hard.”

How to Pronounce Kisses in French

Kisses in French are pronounced differently than in English. The “bisou” or “bise” is pronounced “bee-zoo” or “bee-zeh”.

The phrase “Je t’embrasse” is pronounced “zhuh tem-bra-